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The initial content on this page is traditional training material. Over time, we hope to evolve this page to become a technical forum for TesserACT Users to share tips, tricks, knowledge and experience. We would love to add additional user driven content. If you would like to contribute content, please contact us at Support@ACTeQ.net.

Most of the video content accessible from this page is CONFIDENTIAL, and only available to licensed TesserACT users. Only links marked (Public) are generally accessible.

TesserACT Training : QUICK START : Land

TesserACT Training : QUICK START : Marine Streamer

TesserACT Training : QUICK START : Seabed

Introduction to TesserACT 1 : Projects, Sessions and Surveys

Introduction to TesserACT 2 : Vision and Workflow Overview

Pre-design geophysical analysis

Importing shape files and creating boundaries

Editing, buffering and manipulating boundaries

Editing source and receiver lines

Using snapping tools

Creating a Seabed Survey (Public)

Creating a Land Survey

Creating a Marine Streamer Survey

Automated marine streamer hazard avoidance (Public)

Rolling a Land survey

Rolling a Seabed survey

Basic Binning (CMP and Elevation adjustment)

Advanced binning (Mirror imaging & multicomponent)

Working with elevation data

Working with bathymetry data

Planning an efficient towed streamer acquisition sequence

Operational analysis (Towed streamer)

Operational analysis (Seabed)

Operational analysis (Land)

Merging Surveys (Pre-binning)

Merging Surveys (Post-binning)

Exporting Survey Geometry

Loading P1-90 data

Loading SPS data

Marine 2D planner

Problem Reporting


Actionable Technology

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