• 3D Survey Design Software

    TesserACT provides a single environment for all your survey design needs.

    • Land, marine, transition zone, seabed
    • Any combination of towed streamer, static cables, nodes
    • Geophysical design & operational optimization.
    • One easy to use package.
  • Workflow

    Whether you are an oil company, a service provider or a consultant, the TesserACT workflow adapts to your business needs.

    • First, understand the geophysics of your target
    • Then consider the environmental and operational constraints
    • Develop a design
    • Estimate time and cost
    • Optimize before the survey
    • Optimize during the survey
  • Mixed Mode Acquisition

    Simultaneous sources ?
    Mixing streamers and nodes ?
    No problem !

    TesserACT uses an integrated data structure to manage all types of acquisition as a single design.

    • No need to learn multiple packages.
    • No need for messy data transfer routines.
    • Faster, better survey designs.
    • Increased ability to respond to field conditions as they develop.
  • Mixed Mode Acquisition

    Simultaneous sources ?
    Mixing streamers and nodes ?
    No problem !

    TesserACT uses an integrated data structure to manage all types of acquisition as a single design.

    • No need to learn multiple packages.
    • No need for messy data transfer routines.
    • Faster, better survey designs.
    • Increased ability to respond to field conditions as they develop.
  • Evaluation of Interpolated Coverage

    In addition to traditional binned midpoint coverage, TesserACT also supports evaluation of pre-stack coverage using advanced processing techniques.

    Whether you are shooting a development survey with the highest possible imaging requirements or a frontier exploration survey, TesserACT guides you to the right trade offs between imaging quality, cost and environmental impact.

    Image credit : Ben Heine

  • Intelligent Obstruction Avoidance

    TesserACT reduces the labor required to plan surveys in complex areas

    In addition to full manual editing capability, TesserACT offers a number of algorithms to deviate source and receiver lines based on the type of equipment employed and the geophysical objectives of the project. For marine surveys, obstruction avoidance is also handled on line changes to ensure accurate survey time estimates.

  • Efficient operational modeling

    TesserACT zones automate survey time and cost estimation

    Zones are used for areas of similar operational conditions. Sources and/or receivers can be excluded from roads or hazardous areas such as steep slopes. Other areas such as marsh, shallow water etc. can be assigned different operational parameters : no vehicular access, reduced transit speed, reduced drilling speed, increased receiver plant time etc.

  • Pre-planning Geophysical Analysis

    A TesserACT wizard ensures that key survey parameters are matched to target imaging requirements

    User defined target properties (depth, size, velocity model etc.) are used to derive critical operational parameters (source/receiver spacing, aperture etc.) to ensure adequate imaging and desired AVO/AVA response.

  • True 3D Planning

    TesserACT’s true 3D database ensures that sub-surface sampling is correctly evaluated, even in the presence of significant elevation changes.

    Terrain can also be classified based on slopes to ensure that operational risks and costs are identified, mitigated and minimized.

TesserACT is ACTeQ’s flagship survey design software package.

Most 3D surveys are designed using software created before simultaneous shooting was invented, and when post stack migration was the standard deliverable from a 3D survey. At ACTeQ, we believe that you should get full value for the $5M, $10M or $100M that you invest in your 3D surveys, so we developed TesserACT.

At the heart of TesserACT is a modern architecture that supports all the latest innovations in data acquisition and processing, with the flexibility to grow and adapt to the innovations of the next decade(s).

TesserACT’s data structure supports truly 3D geospatial data management ensuring that subsurface geology and surface culture are seamlessly integrated into an intuitive map based user interface. TesserACT doesn’t just understand space. It understands time. In data acquisition, time is money, and TesserACT features a sophisticated operational model allowing the user to perform a detailed evaluation of the cost vs quality trade offs that are inherent in 3D seismic surveys.

TesserACT understands all modern data acquisition geometries and technologies for land, marine and transition zone surveys, as well as pre-stack sampling and processing techniques such as 5D interpolation. Static cable, towed streamer and node geometries can be merged into one seamless design. TesserACT evaluates reflection point sampling and mode conversion point coverage for P-S and S-P reflections.

The image above shows shows the timing and equipment inventory for each patch on a seabed node program. The crew model and survey plan can be interactively edited to identify the best approach to the project.

Operational Analysis

Typical survey planning workflows involve multiple iterations between geophysicists creating geometries to deliver the required imaging performance, operations specialists to estimate project duration and cost, and project managers seeking to align survey investment with business objectives.

With TesserACT, this process is streamlined by combining geophysics, operations and economics into a single integrated package.

Whether you are looking for the best approach to a marine 2D/3D program or a 3D land or seabed project, TesserACT's operational analysis should be at the heart of your workflow.

- How much would a 2nd recording or shooting crew reduce time to acquire ?
- Would a different geometry or roll pattern enable a more cost effective solution ?
- Would additional equipment lower project cost ?

As the E&P industry seeks to optimize production from producing oil fields, seabed seismic is enjoying increased market share. Seabed nodes, simultaneous source and compressive sensing are key technologies that can drive down cost and create new opportunities. TesserACT offers unique tools to deal with the complex geophysical and operational challenges of seabed surveys.

On this marine survey, the shots from the marine streamer lines are recorded by ocean bottom bottom nodes placed around the production infrastructure. These data substantially fill in the holes in coverage created as the towed streamer vessel avoids the platforms.

Compressive sensing is gaining growing acceptance among leading oil companies and contractors. TesserACT offers a number of randomization regimes for land, marine and seabed sources and receivers. TesserACT can also import optimization adjustments from 3rd party packages.

ACT now !

TesserACT is available for marine streamer, seabed, transition zone, land and mixed mode applications. Support for borehole applications is on the way !

If you are an E&P company, a geophysical service provider, an equipment manufacturer, a consulting organization or an academic institution, contact us now for a demonstration or a trial installation.

Help us to make TesserACT a game changer in faster, safer, cheaper delivery of high quality, environmentally sensitive 3D surveys.


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