Survey Design Express is a series of short educational videos to illustrate how TesserACT can help you deliver better, faster, cheaper, safer 3D surveys in all terrains.

Survey Design Express #8

November 2021

A novel approach to marine acquisition for full waveform inversion

This short video shows how TesserACT was used to design a low cost marine FWI survey making use of emerging "floating node" technology.

Survey Design Express #7

February 2020

Marine streamer infill optimization

This video investigates the effectiveness of several techniques to reduce infill on a 3D seismic program. The example used is from a project where 2D and 3D programs must be acquired in a very short weather window. Streamer fanning proves to be a critical technology.

Survey Design Express #6

December 2019

Simultaneous broadband acquisition of OBN and streamer data

In this video we look at some of the issues raised at the SEG 2019 workshop on marine data acquisition.

The requirements of FWI are driving many operators to acquire long offset OBN surveys to complement existing high resolution streamer surveys. In this video, we pose the question "can we acquire both surveys efficiently and simultaneously ?" ... and "could marine vibrators have a role to play in such acquisition ?".

Survey Design Express #5

November 2018

Do bigger receiver spreads deliver safer acquisition ?

TesserACT "operational analysis" tools show how to deliver a faster, cheaper and safer onshore survey .... without compromising geophysical data quality.

This video also highlights TesserACT automated tools for onshore hazard avoidance.

Survey Design Express #4

February 2018

Operational analysis delivers safe, fast efficient seabed operations

This video illustrates how TesserACT Operational analysis can be used to establish the right operational configuration for a seabed crew : number of receivers, number of vessels, number of simultaneous sources etc.

Survey Design Express #3

December 2017

Seabed geometry options for extreme bathymetry

In this video, we examine some of the factors to be considered in designing an ocean bottom node survey for a deep water field development project in an area with extreme bathymetry. Topics considered include binning implications of receiver elevation changes, imaging wih multiples, variable density sampling and shear wave sampling. 

Survey Design Express #2

June 2017

Designing a Land survey in an area of rough terrain

This onshore project features steep slopes creating "no access areas". Other areas are accessible, but there is a cost penalty associated with the intermediate slopes.

This video shows how to adapt the survey design to improve safety and reduce cost with minimal degradation of the imaging performance.

Survey Design Express #1

August 2017 (Updated January 2018)

Combining towed streamer and ocean bottom node coverage to undershoot in-field obstructions.

This video was first released in May 2017, but has been updated to show the latest automated hazard avoidance and planning tools in TesserACT.

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