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Founded in 2016, ACTeQ’s leadership possesses a wealth of experience and a 40+ year track record of innovation in the seismic industry.

  • Damian Hite (Houston,Tx)
    19 years experience in geophysical survey design, data acquisition and project management at CGG/Veritas and EMGS.

  • Dr. David Monk (Houston,Tx)
    Director of Geophysics at Apache
    Past President of Society of Exploration Geophysicists. 35 years seismic industry experience and a leading industry innovator holding numerous patents and industry awards.

  • Malcolm Lansley (Houston,Tx)
    Geophysical consultant and SEG Instructor (3D survey design)
    Formerly VP Geophysics – Sercel, PGS, Western Geo & GSI. 47 years experience in seismic survey design, data acquisition, data processing and imaging.

  • Dave Ridyard (San Francisco Bay Area, Ca)
    32 years geophysical industry experience at GSI, Halliburton, ION, EMGS and QC Tools.

  • Tim Rigsby (Houston, Tx)
    42 years geophysical industry experience at GSI, Halliburton, PGS, and ION, with over 30 years managing seabed seismic data acquisition operations

ACT now !

TesserACT is available for marine streamer, seabed, transition zone, land and mixed mode applications. Support for borehole applications is on the way !

If you are an E&P company, a geophysical service provider, an equipment manufacturer, a consulting organization or an academic institution, contact us now to get an early look at TesserACT, and help us to make TesserACT a game changer in faster, safer, cheaper delivery of high quality, environmentally sensitive 3D surveys.


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