• Reduced Cost

    TesserACT enables effective cost/quality decision making.

    Reliable and easily available image quality and operational cost metrics ensure that your 3D survey is the best possible investment to exploit your sub-surface resources.

  • Land, Marine, Seabed & Mixed Mode Surveys

    ACTeQ provides TesserACT 3D survey design software to the world’s leading E&P companies, geophysical service providers and consulting companies.

    TesserACT is a powerful integrated survey design package for land, marine, seabed and mixed mode projects.

  • Reduced Health and Safety Risk

    TesserACT reduces health and safety exposure.

    Optimized design reduces field exposure hours.

    Integrated GIS tools identify high risk areas up front and aid risk mitigation strategy development.

  • Better Imaging

    The best image requires
    the best technology,
    the best people
    … and careful planning.

    TesserACT allows you to get the most out of your acquisition and processing technology by ensuring that you focus your effort on the most critical targets.

  • Faster Delivery

    Good planning is the key to fast, reliable project execution.


    • Minimizes the time to acquire
    • Reduces the risk of acquisition surprises that can disrupt E&P development schedules
    • Enables rapid response to unexpected events
  • Independent. Neutral.

    ACTeQ is the only provider of onshore and offshore survey planning software and services that is not controlled by a major oil field service provider.

    ACTeQ is the only choice for unbiased survey planning solutions.

  • Reduced Environmental Impact

    The right shots, in the right places…
    … No more, no less.

    Reducing environmental impact is not just the right thing to do … it’s good business.

    • Easier permitting
    • Faster, safer, cheaper operations

ACTeQ is the only fully independent supplier of 3D seismic survey planning and operational analysis software and services for land, marine streamer, seabed and mixed mode applications.

What we do...

ACTeQ provides game changing 3D seismic survey design software and innovative, experienced personnel. Our mission is to enable E&P companies and service providers to collaborate in the design of 3D surveys delivering increased return on investment though enhanced imaging and safer/faster/cheaper data acquisition.

3D seismic surveys have become the most important exploration and production tool for oil and gas companies. The last 20 years have seen an explosion in acquisition and processing technology available for land, marine and transition zone surveys:

Slip sweep
Smart phones
Sim source
5D interpolation
Pre-stack migration
Compressive sensing
Marine vibrators
Imaging with multiples
Smart phones
Survey design has not kept pace with the rate of innovation in acquisition and processing …. Until now. TesserACT software from ACTeQ ensures that you get the most from your investment in the latest acquisition and processing technologies for land, marine, transition zone and mixed mode surveys.

TesserACT tools for compressive sensing

Compressive sensing is emerging as a powerful tool in the geophysicist's toolkit. TesserACT now offers a range of powerful tools to support randomization.

Survey Design in the Real World

Image shows a small piece of a large, high resolution survey on the Permian Basin, with trace densities exceeding 70M traces per sq km.


A series of short articles addressing key topics in the arena of 3D survey design; Geophysics, operations optimization and TesserACT tips and tricks

Latest News

Click here for a message from
Damian Hite (CEO)
8th February 2021

ACTeQ's user base continues to grow through 2020/2021 in spite of COVID and market related challenges

Gulf of Suez illumination study publications


Our recent project with Neptune Energy and Z-Terra was presented at the 2020 SEG Annual Meeting by Malcolm Lansley in October. SEG kindly gave us permission to publish a more detailed article in the EAGE First Break journal in November.

This article describes a rapid, remote collaboration to design a complex OBN survey ..... 6 months from start of design to completion of acquisition !

Best SEG "booth" ever !

The all-virtual SEG (Oct 11-16, 2020) was a huge success for ACTeQ, with several hundred new and old friends coming to visit us.

ACTeQ stays active in our virtual community !

During Summer 2020, ACTeQ has sponsored survey design and data acquisition workshops organized by the EAGE and the GSH. Damian Hite presented (virtually) our infill optimization technology at the Marine Acquisition Workshop in Oslo.

AT SEG 2020, Malcolm Lansley will be (virtually) presenting "Survey design and illumination study for complex geology in the Gulf of Suez" .... a joint publication with our colleagues at Neptune Energy and Z-Terra


A letter from our management.

4th April 2020

Dear Clients and Friends,

Firstly, I want to say that we hope that you and your colleagues and family are weathering the perfect storm of the Corona virus and the oil price slump.  During a downturn, it is more important than ever to optimize geophysical operations to deliver projects faster, at the lowest cost, with reduced risk.  That’s what TesserACT does!

At ACTeQ, very little has changed.  Although we opened an office a few months ago, we have used remote collaboration as standard working practice for most of the life of the company.  Similarly, from day 1, we have practiced strong fiscal discipline, and as a consequence, our financial position is strong, and we will continue to grow steadily and support our customers throughout this year and beyond.

In the last few months we have grown our consulting practice and technical support team : survey design, operations optimization and, through our partnership with  Z-Terra, we are now offering PP and PS wave equation illumination studies.

TesserACT has also evolved tremendously, and recent additions to our functionality include : -

  • 3D and 2D survey design
  • Current modelling and infill analysis (marine streamer)
  • Shooting on turns (marine streamer/seabed)
  • ACTeX : efficient geometry handling for large land/seabed surveys … up to 100 x faster
  • Project management/daily updates : planned vs actual

If you would like an update or training on these or other functionality, please give us a call.

Best Regards,

Damian A. Hite



Survey Design Express #7 Released 
Marine Streamer Infill Optimization

This video investigates the effectiveness of several techniques to reduce infill on a 3D seismic program. The example used is from a project where 2D and 3D programs must be acquired in a very short weather window. Streamer fanning proves to be a critical technology.

Thanks to SeisIntel for providing ocean current data.

We are growing !

We are pleased to announce that Joe Greer has accepted the position of Customer Experience Director. Joe brings us a wealth of marine 4D and ocean bottom cable experience as well as deep knowledge of onshore and borehole seismic.

Joe's role will include customer support and training for our growing client base, as well as identifying and specifying new functionality requirements.

Survey Design Express #6

Simultaneous acquisition of broadband OBN and streamer data

Survey Design Express #6 covers a hot topics in survey design. In this video we look at some of the issues raised at the SEG 2019 workshop on marine data acquisition.

The requirements of FWI are driving many operators to acquire long offset OBN surveys to complement existing high resolution streamer surveys. In this video, we pose the question "can we acquire both surveys efficiently and simultaneously ?" ... and "could marine vibrators have a role to play in such acquisition ?".

Great imaging requires great data. In this short note, Dave Monk discusses one of the key factors that should be considered when designing a survey for FWI.

Image above : This Full Waveform Inversion shows 100Hz data from 300m to 4,500m. The image was produced by DownUnder Geosolutions. Capreolus data is shown by kind permission of Polarcus.

Putting survey planning in a historical context ....

This article was published in the May 2019 GSH Journal by ACTeQ founder and advisor Dave Ridyard to provide background for the GSH web symposium on survey planning. 


Survey Design for Full Waveform Imaging

ACT now !

TesserACT is available for marine streamer, seabed, transition zone, land and mixed mode applications. Support for borehole applications is on the way !

If you are an E&P company, a geophysical service provider, an equipment manufacturer, a consulting organization or an academic institution, contact us now for a demonstration or a trial installation.

Help us to make TesserACT a game changer in faster, safer, cheaper delivery of high quality, environmentally sensitive 3D surveys.


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