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Design and project management consultancy

We are pleased to offer access to our experienced geophysical survey design team and expert TesserACT users to ensure the maximum probability of success on your next 3D survey ... And your next well.

In addition to our survey planning and optimization services, ACTeQ now also offers remote project management and QC services.

We have now completed many successful 3D seismic projects all over the world as well as custom projects for 3D CSEM and 2D seismic.

Renewable Energy

ACTeQ is playing a growing role in the energy transition, applying our geophysical operational skills to high resolution imaging for wind turbine and cable installation as well as carbon sequestration monitoring and geothermal applications.

Custom Software Development

Many companies have proprietary technologies and workflows that they want to include in the TesserACT product. ACTeQ offers customization services and flexible business models.

TesserACT's GIS based development toolkit enables unprecedented speed of development.

Example 1 : In a meeting with a major oil company, a 3D seismic project manager asked if we could implement their novel seabed rolling scheme. We were able to demonstrate the capability by the end of the meeting. 3 months later, our competitor had not supplied a quote yet !

Example 2 : A customer had an imminent deadline to submit a bid for a package of 16 2D surveys. He needed survey time estimates. We didn't have a 2D capability, yet, within 48 hours, we delivered time estimates and presentation quality maps.

With the TesserACT toolkit, custom development is a breeze.


Learn all the tips and tricks to make your workflow fly ! TesserACT is easy to use, and intuitive, but most users will need training to make best use of the rich functionality available. We offer group training classes, and private tuition to ensure that you hit the ground running with TesserACT

We are totally committed to making your user experience positive, so TesserACT comes with a satisfaction guarantee, backed by our support team who will help you to find a way to get done what you need to do. Our product will only improve by working closely with our users to identify new features and new ways to make the workflow smoother and more efficient.

ACT now !

TesserACT is available for marine streamer, seabed, transition zone, land and mixed mode applications. Support for borehole applications is on the way !

Help us to make TesserACT a game changer in faster, safer, cheaper delivery of high quality, environmentally sensitive 3D surveys.


Actionable Technology

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