About Us

Founded in 2016, ACTeQ’s leadership possesses a wealth of experience and a 40+ year track record of innovation in the seismic industry.

Damian Hite (Houston,Tx)
President & CEO

22 years experience in geophysical survey design, data acquisition and project management at CGG/Veritas and EMGS

Dr. David Monk (Houston,Tx & Colorado)
Past President of SEG

Formerly Director of Geophysics at Apache.

38 years seismic industry experience and a leading industry innovator holding numerous patents and industry awards.

Malcolm Lansley (Houston,Tx)
Geophysical consultant and SEG Instructor (3D survey design)

Formerly VP Geophysics – Sercel, PGS, Western Geo & GSI. 

50 years experience in seismic survey design, data acquisition, data processing and imaging.

Dave Ridyard (San Francisco Bay Area, Ca)

35 years geophysical industry experience at GSI, Halliburton, ION, EMGS and QC Tools.

Tim Rigsby (Houston, Tx)

45 years geophysical industry experience at GSI, Halliburton, PGS, and ION, with over 30 years managing seabed seismic data acquisition operations

ACT now !

TesserACT is available for marine streamer, seabed, transition zone, land and mixed mode applications. Support for borehole applications is on the way !

If you are an E&P company, a geophysical service provider, an equipment manufacturer, a consulting organization or an academic institution, contact us now to get an early look at TesserACT, and help us to make TesserACT a game changer in faster, safer, cheaper delivery of high quality, environmentally sensitive 3D surveys.


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